About US

About Us

Joy Of Giving Foundation - Shiksha is an extensive platform, where anyone from any part of the world can donate the little part of the fortune to enhance living standard and education system as well as fulfill all other basic needs of deprived Tribal children.
We do not raise fund for ourselves. Indeed, we use all the funds that come through Joy Of Giving Foundation - Shiksha in the best of the best way in terms of holistic development of children of all age groups. Our team is relentlessly working day and night to ensure that there will no hassle for our fund donor.

  •  Education
  •  Child Health Care
  •  Erasing Malnutrition
  •  Child Development
  •  Clothing
  •  Child Equality

We work for children welfare, who are daily exploited and living in the condition deprived of healthy environment, proper eduction, food, cloth and medical care.

How you can help us

Just call at 8828229282 to make a donation

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the finest, medical care and treatment for every kind of disease to the child. We initiate campaign to reach to remote areas and help doctors as well as strive to provide all kinds of required medicines

Children are the future of the world. Hence, we strive to provide the better education for our children, so that they can make our world more beautiful. In order to provide valuable education, we are building the state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Bringing Change in 2016

The year 2015 was a very exciting year for us and the first half of 2016 is proving to be the same. We have taken steps through the first half of this year to expand our influence throughout the State and the other parts of India.

Fund raising initiatives

Last month, fund raising initiatives were taken up and drives were launched to attract donations for the education of the underprivileged children. Many people participated in the event donated their heart out. We assure our sponsors and contributors that the money will surely bring a great difference in the lives of these children.

Upcoming Events

  • 25
  • Dec

Gear up for giving - Being Santa

at 10.00 am - 7.30 pm Palghar

Books and study materials will be distributed to a small school

  • 26
  • Jan

Gear up for giving - Achivement Awards

at 10.00 am - 7.30 pm Vikramgadh

Medals, Certificates and Scholerships will be given to motivate the Tibal Childrens

  • 04
  • Feb

Gear up for giving - World Cancer Day

at 10.00 pm - 7.30 pm Mumbai

Giving gifs , time and love to the Cancer Patients

  • 08
  • Mar

Gear up for giving - International Women’s Day

at 5.00 pm - 7.30 pm Thane

To provide respect to whole women fraternity, appreciate them and to express love for them. As women are the major part of the society and plays a great role in the economic, political, and social activities, international women’s day is commemorated to remember and appreciate women’s all over achievements.

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for those helpless childrens who need it

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Take initiate to become a volunteer and help those people, who do not have any hope for good living.

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